Best Bead Loom Patterns: Indian Bead Loom Patterns & More

bead loom patterns

If you own a loom, you know that finding bead loom patterns on the internet can be not only exciting, but inspirations.  While buying a loom may seem expensive, nearly every jewelry maker out there will agree that it is a necessary purchase if you are planning on creating jewelry as a major business.  Since no one has the extra funds to spend on these patterns after purchasing a bead loom, why not find exactly what you need with free bead loom patterns on the internet?

Finding Bead Loom Patterns

While you can buy books for different bead loom patterns, this isn’t necessary with the variety of websites that are available online.  Most of the patterns that are found on these websites are made by jewelers just like you who want to share their successful designs with the public.  As with most free things on the internet however, it is usually best to only get these free bead loom patterns on sites you can trust, since many of the bead loom pattern sites out there require you to register to see their patterns or download software.

From our own personal experience, we have found some sites that we personal feel are amazing websites with free (or really cheap) bead loom patterns.  Since almost all of these websites are well known in the craft community, you don’t have to worry too much about the quality of these patterns.  Some of our favorites include:

  • Free Beading
  • Beadnik’s Beadworks
  • Beadie Friends

Great Indian Bead Loom Patterns

If you are looking for Indian bead loom patterns, you will not be disappointed with Free Beading   Many of the projects on this website are made for use with or without a loom, making these patterns great for most jewelry makers.  As well, most of the patterns themselves have deep roots in Indian or southwestern traditions.   If you are unsure exactly what you want to make with your new patterns, they also give detailed instructions on how to make necklaces, checkbook covers, and guitar straps.

Creative Seed Bead Patterns

Beadnik’s Beadworks specializes in creating fun, innovative designs for those who are beginning their journey through beading, as well as for the more seasoned beader.  Unlike other sites, however, they are constantly updating their patterns, adding more patterns weekly.  Some of the more amazing bead loom patterns that are found on this site are their seed bead patterns.  If you are someone who prefers working with these beads, you will find this site to be exactly what you need.

Professional Quality Bead Loom Patterns

If you are someone who does bead work for a living, you more than likely have special software for helping you create designs.  One site that is fairly well known in the community for creating designs that are compatible with these programs is Beadie  While their designs are not free, they are sold in large packages of over 50 designs for $15.  Even if you don’t have these programs, you will find most of these designs to not only be beautiful, but challenging.

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