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beaded keychains

Everyone loves their car, so why not reward your keys with a beaded key chain?   When many of us think of making jewelry, we usually think of jewelry we wear ourselves.  Today, however, more people want to distinguish not only themselves, but their belongings with beautiful, hand crafted jewelry that is made with their own two hands.  As well, many kids love the idea of making beaded key chains that they can use on their own keys or use to decorate their school backpacks.

Why Make Beaded Chains?

If you look around in your local mall or superstore, you have probably noticed that nearly everyone is selling beaded key chains.  These key chains can include beaded animal key chains or personalized key chains using letter beads to spell out individual’s names.  Either way, these key chains are becoming increasingly popular with children of all ages.  Looking around your workplace, you may even notice that many of your coworkers have beaded key chains.

Along with looking beautiful, these fun key chains are also great gifts.  You can make just about anything once you learn how to make beaded key chains.  Since you can personalize these with just about anything, you can make:

  • Beaded Animal Key chains
  • Beaded Name Key chains
  • Sayings Key Chains
  • Beaded Flow Key chains

Just like jewelry, the only thing stopping you with making beaded key chains is your own imagination!

Kids and Beaded Key Chains

With beaded key chains becoming even more popular, it is not too surprising that kids absolutely love making these key chains.  Due to how easy these key chains are to make, they are great activities for Girl Scouts, Bible School, or Summer Camp.   To make sure you don’t run into any problems, however, make sure you use beads appropriate to the child’s age.  While they may want to make detailed puppies, five year old will not have the patience to work with small beads, or the fine motor skills.  If you are working with small children, it is also advised that they allow them to stop and pick up the project anytime they like since this may take them a bit of time.

Beaded Key Chain Instructions

Making beaded key chains is really easy. Here are some very easy instructions to get you started.

1.   Pick out the beads you want to use first and place them somewhere where they won’t roll around.  As well, have your pattern in hand so you know what you want your key chain to look like.

2.   Cut the cord you prefer to use to your desired length.  You can use Nylon, Elastic, or Hemp Cording.

3.   Fold pieces of cord over your key chain, making sure that all ends are even.

4.   Place all of your beads on the cord, making sure to follow your desired pattern.

5.   Tie your ends off and trim any extra cord.

If you follow these beaded key chain instructions, you will see that it really is as easy as that to make your own beaded key chains.

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