Bear Claw Necklace: A Rare Piece of Jewelry With Deep Meaning

Bear Claw Necklace

Do you want to purchase a bear claw necklace? For many Native American tribes, a bear claw necklace or a grizzly bear claw necklace is considered to be a special protection jewelry. It is believe just by wearing one of these necklaces will bring the wearer good luck and good fortune. For this reason, it is not too uncommon for people to give one of these beautiful necklace to someone they care about.  Today, you can find hundreds of people online that sell and make these unique Native American necklaces.

Meaning of a Bear Claw Necklace

For many Native American’s in North and South America, the bear claw necklace has a great deal of meaning. As a religious piece of jewelry, it was believed that the spirit of the bear would protect the wearer and make sure that they lived a long, healthy life. Many of these necklaces even included bone and other type of beads made from precious gems. While these beads are stunning, it is important to remember that these claws are taken from real bears when making a genuine bear claw necklace. Before you buy any of these necklaces, make sure you find out where the bear claws are coming from, since it is never right to kill an animal just make jewelry.

Types of Bear Claw Jewelry

Place that sell Native American jewelry commonly sell bear claw jewelry. This jewelry is considered culturally significant to many Native American tribes, but they are usually very happy to make and sell these necklaces for the general public. Some of the most well known jewelry that is sold by Native American includes:

  • Eagle Claw Necklace
  • Bear Claw Bracelet
  • Bear Claw Earrings
  • Bear Paw Necklace
  • Pear Claw Necklace

If you do not like the idea of wearing a piece of jewelry that has animal parts, you can find some places online that sell this jewelry using fake animal parts. While it may not be a real animal claw, these pieces of fake bear claw jewelry are beautiful and animal friendly.

Buying Bear Claw Jewelry

There are many places today where you purchase bear claw jewelry. Some of the best places where you can buy this Native American jewelry include:

  • Etsy
  • Craft Shows

If you are certainty that you want jewelry crafted from real bear claws, you may want to go to a craft show. This is one of the best places where you can find Native Americans who make this unique type of culture jewelry. Giving a bear claw necklace as a gift is a great way to show someone that you care and you wish them the best, making them one of the best gifts for graduations or birthdays.

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