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embroidery floss friendship bracelets

Many girls start making jewelry by making embroidery floss friendship bracelets.  While these bracelets may not seem all that advanced, this is a great entry level activity to start getting your daughter enjoying a craft.  Even if you have not made these bracelets in years, you will learn quickly that they are more than just knotted thread bracelets.

Starting to Make Embroidery Floss Friendship Bracelets

For quite a few women, their first memories of making friendship bracelets are making knotted thread bracelets.  These bracelets really didn’t follow any friendship bracelet knot patterns, but had meaning to you specifically.  Today, many of the embroidery floss friendship bracelets that are made by girls are intricate patterns that can be considered advanced compared too many of the bracelets of the past.

Don’t worry though; making friendship bracelets is still easy if you have a fun pattern to follow.  Since embroidery floss friendship bracelets are so easy to make, they are great activities for girls of all ages to enjoy together.

Learning to Make Embroidery Floss Friendship Bracelets

The real trick to learning how to make friendship bracelets is learning how to tie basic knots.   There are various tutorials online that tell you how to make these knots, especially those found on Youtube or other well known jewelry sites.  Most likely, however, these are the same knots you use in most of your jewelry making.

One of the most well known bracelets made by girls today is the Swirl Knot Bracelet.  Below, are some simple instructions on how you can make these fun bracelets with your daughter?   To begin, you will need three different colors of embroidery floss.

1.   For this pattern, you will need three colors of floss.  Gather all three of these colors together and cut each piece of be 30” in length.

2.   Tie the first knot for this bracelet 2” from the top.  Make sure you leave this room or you will not be able to put on your bracelet.

3.   Hold the string with your left hand, leaving one out.  Tie a knot around the around each group, doing this fifteen for each color.

4.   Repeat step three with all the colors.  When you are finished, tie the bracelet together on your daughter’s wrist, making sure you left enough room for it to be tied.

5.   You’re finished! Enjoy your new bracelet!

Friendship Bracelets Patterns: Finding Floss

While making friendship bracelets overall may be easy, it is important that your daughter and you have floss that you both love.  Floss itself is relatively cheap and be found in a very of different retailers, including the Dollar Store, Wall-Mart, K-Mart, and most craft stores.  No matter where you decide to purchase your embroidery floss, don’t be surprised if your daughter quickly fills the cart with this colorful, fun floss for her new hobby.

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Tracey December 14, 2011 at 12:00 pm

love your stuff. Reminds of when I used to make friendship bracelets with my friends when I was young. Love your new and innovative ideas.

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