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Homemade earrings are a great project for yourself, gifts for loved ones & friends, etc. Handmade earrings are unique! Find out how to make earrings at home!

For those who have a crafting business, you probably know that homemade earrings sell.  People love the idea of wearing jewelry that was handmade, especially earrings that can be worn everyday or for special occasions.  After awhile, however, making earrings isn’t just part of your business, it becomes a passion, especially after discovering the different handmade earrings that can be made from patterns on the Internet.  Yet, for those who just learned how to make earrings, selling your first pair of handmade earrings can be a bit tricky.

Selling Homemade Earrings: What You Need to Know

When many people first start making homemade earrings, they think little about selling these to the public.  After a few comments from friends and co-workers, however, it just seems like a very easy transition.  While you may love teaching other how to make earrings, you just know it could be even more fun to sell these earrings to not only friends and family, but also others on the Internet!

Before you start selling your homemade earrings, remember there are a few things you need to do first.  To make things easy, it is best to start a business for yourself, which you can do by following your local laws. Every state is different, but make sure you do what you need.  The process is very easy and rewarding, since it allows you to see just how much of a profit and loss you make with your homemade earrings business.

Starting your Homemade Earrings Business

After you have taken care of the federal and state paperwork for you business, it is time to get to the fun part!  Now that you know how to make earrings, it is time to build some earring patterns for yourself.  These bead patterns are going to be how you make your business, so it’s best to get these patterns laminated or scanned on your computer so they are not lost.

As well, don’t be afraid to ask the opinions of your friends and family.  If you ask for their honest opinions, they will tell you which homemade earring designs they think will sell, and which will not.  Once you have your stock together, you are ready to start trying to sell your own homemade earrings.

Selling Homemade Earring at Craft Shows or Online

Many people have a great deal of success selling their homemade earrings at craft shows.  While this can be productive for many individuals, this is sometimes not the best option for those who have a family or other commitments.  If you can do craft shows, make sure you show in your local area, since this is more likely to get you repeat business.

Those who have a busy lifestyle, however, may find themselves having more luck selling their homemade earrings on Etsy.  At an Etsy store, you can put your jewelry up and watch as it becomes increasingly popular, allowing you to have a chance of becoming an online jewelry sensation!

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