Best Native American Bead Patterns: Loom Designs and More

Native American Bead Patterns

Are you looking for Native American bead patterns? When many of us think of beading, we think of beautiful peyote stitch patterns. Native American bead patterns are famous all over the work, having a variety of different Native American symbols throughout the bead work. Even though most of us are not Native American, we can’t help but fall in love with these beautiful Native American bead patterns. While there may be plenty of Indian bead patterns on the internet, it is important that you know where to find patterns that are real Native American or Cherokee bead patterns.

Finding Native American Bead Patterns

If you look for free patterns on the internet, you are likely to run into quite a few sites that claim to have Native American bead patterns. When many people think of beading, they think of the exotic patterns that they see in most Native American movies. While these patterns are sometimes authentic, they are usually made by machine, not people who are experienced beading experts. Before looking for any Native American bead patterns, check to see where the site actually gets their patterns. While some sites may seem to have Native American patterns, they are likely something made be a bead designer, not actual patterns coming from any Indian tribe.

Using Native American Loom Patterns

One of the first things you need to remember when looking for these patterns are that most Native American bead patterns are made on a loom.  For people who are unfamiliar with beading, looms are made to allow you to work with intricate beading patterns, allowing you to leave the work so that it can be finished over multiple days. Most looms can be bought fairly inexpensively, but it is important that you buy a loom that is comfortable for you. Don’t just buy any loom just so that you can start making these patterns.

Best Free Native American Bead Patterns

After you have found a loom or whatever medium you would prefer beading, it is time to look for some free Native American bead patterns. Contrary to what many people believe, finding free patterns on the internet is fairly easy. Some of the most well known places that have free Indian bead patterns include:

Depending on your preferred method of beading, you can easily find hundreds of different sites that have free Native American bead patterns. If you would like to see authentic Native American patterns, feel free to check out some Native American books on on looming. Many of these books will include patterns that will help you learn the art of true Native American loom beading.

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Shirley Reddell August 28, 2012 at 5:16 pm

I have made 2 10″ madallions for my children and now in the process of making a jacket with a bear & wollf head on the front in the western collar points, a soaring eagle in the western yolk, and a 10″ madallion on the back of a scene from Yellowstone National Park. I am having problems keeping the patterns from curling once the piece is done. I have started from the center and worked out in a spiral locking the beads/stitches down about every 5 beads. I have used an embfroidery hoop of varying sizes as the pattern grows. I have washed 2 madallions and have had to re-hoop them to let them air dry. I would like to find someone to help me with this. I was told that once we find our Indian heritage that I might not be able to use the madallions, as they are not true Native American designs. I have had compliments paid on the designs as well as the beadwork. I have spoken to a Native American on how to do the peyote stitch and pretty much got a cold shoulder. Anything would help, if there is anyting in print you could send, my address is Shirley Reddell, P. O. Box 1507, Jay, OK 74346. If there is a price please contact me either through mail or e-mail at

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