Best Polymer Clay Techniques Online: Why & How to Use Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Techniques

Unlike in the past, polymer clay is quickly taking hold in the art world. Everyone wants to use polymer clay for art since it is not only cheaper, but is more flexible for a wide range of projects. Every day people are finding more creative technique for polymer clay jewelry that makes it a cheaper alternative to glass. Even though glass is quite pretty, it is time consuming to make and quite expensive for the people who are making the actual jewelry. If you are someone who is considering making polymer clay, this is time to consider starting to learn popular polymer clay techniques.

Benefits of Using Polymer Clay Techniques

Contrary to what many people believe, polymer clay is easy to work with and even children can have fun making beads and pendants from this clay. Lampwork beads, which are made using old fashion torches and techniques, are quickly being replaced by these beads since they are cheaper and allow people of all experience levels to enjoy making these beads. Even those that are not very creative can learn different polymer clay bead techniques.

With polymer clay being even more accessible, there are a variety of benefits to using this PVC made clay. Some of the greatest benefits for using this clay include:

  • Lower Cost
  • Access to Photo Transfer Sheets for Beads
  • Easy to Find
  • Easy to Manipulate
  • Low Learning Curve

Polymer Clay Tutor: Beading Making Tips

One of the best parts of using polymer clay is the fact that there are a variety of different polymer clay tutorials on the internet. While some sites have an encyclopedia of polymer clay techniques, others have polymer clay tutorials that are perfect for beginner jewelry makers. The best place for learning how to work with polymer clay is Polymer Clay Central. At this site, you will learn the fundamentals of working with polymer clay, and the techniques that you will need to be successful making a wide variety of beads and pendants.

Best Polymer Clay Techniques Books

While there are a variety of different tutorials on the internet today for polymer clay techniques, nothing beats a good old book. Many experienced artists have made books on working with polymer clay. To see which books are best for the type of jewelry and projects you are wanting to make, we recommend looking at the book reviews at Polymer Clay Central.  Their reviews are written by people experienced in working with this clay and have experience on what is necessary during each step of the process. Once you have made your first piece of jewelry using polymer clay techniques, you will want to make all of your own beads!

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