How to Find the Best Pony Bead Patterns

Pony Bead Patterns

Kids love being able to work with these large beads, allowing them to make jewelry and other cool patterns that they can hang around the house. While quite a few kids are introduced to pony beads at daycare or school, they love being able to do these projects at home with their parents or an older sibling. You may even find yourself making Halloween pony bead patterns or other holiday patterns that you can use as decorations for the season. With great pony beads, you can easily have hours of fun with your child.

Finding Fun Pony Bead Patterns

Even if you are someone who doesn’t make jewelry, you have probably helped your child with easy pony bead patterns. While there are quite a few kits available for teaching children how to work with these beads, they usually want more after making a few projects. These premade kits can easily get expensive, so it is important that you find somewhere that sells these beads in bulk and has a variety of different pony bead patterns available. Children especially love making creative and colorful patterns with these beads, using them as ornaments or decorations in their room. The most popular patterns that are loved by most kids include:

  • Pony Bead Flag Patterns
  • Fish Pony Bead Patterns
  • Food Pony Bead Patterns
  • Pony Bead Animal Patterns
  • Pony Bead Flower Patterns

Buying Bulk Pony Beads

Before you are ready to start any patterns, it is important that you find somewhere that sells wholesale pony beads fairly cheap. Some pony bead patterns require certain colors, so make sure you get a variety of beads when you purchase your supply. If you are child loves to do craft activities, you will find that these beads are gone in no time. Our personal favorite place for these beads is Making Friends. Not only do they have a variety of fun patterns, but they also provide the beads cheaper than many wholesalers. Since they are so cheap, you can even get a variety of colors and styles without having to worry about breaking your bank account or credit card limit.

Best Pony Bead Patterns Sites

Finding the best pony beads sites isn’t as difficult as you may think. We have over the years found a variety of different places that have great bead patterns for kids. Are personal favorite include:

With these fun pony bead patterns, you can expect your kids to be busy for hours. Make sure you pick out a pattern that is appropriate for your child’s age, so that they don’t get frustrated with the project. Remember, this is the start of getting your child enjoying crafts for the rest of their lives!

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