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Many people today love making string bracelet patterns.  While many people may think that friendship bracelets are only for kids, this is far from the truth!  Today, there are many beautiful string bracelet patterns that are made for both children and adults.  Many of these patterns even have their roots in string bracelet making dating back all the way to early Native Americans.  Once you have seen many of these beautiful patterns, you will be amazed that it was made with just embroidery floss.

String Bracelet Patterns: Not For Kids Anymore

While friendship bracelets may have their roots as kids’ bracelets, they are not the only type of string bracelet.  For centuries, string bracelets have been used for a variety of purposes, with red string bracelets being used to ward off evil in some cultures.  Even if some of the meanings have been lost today, the creativity that was used in making these patterns has not, making string bracelet patterns some of the most popular bracelets made today.

Looking on most craft sites, you will probably still find the traditional friendship bracelets, but you will also find string bracelet patterns that were meant to be worn by adults.  These beautiful patterns mimic many beautiful Native American patterns, allowing you to decorate just about anything with these patterns.  Most of all, however, you will love will love seeing all the modern string bracelet patterns that are on the internet.

Sites for String Bracelet Patterns

Depending on what you are looking for, you can just about any type of string bracelet making website.  Many of these websites contain patterns for all levels of string bracelet makers.   The patterns that you are looking for are more than likely in the advanced section when it comes to making these bracelets.

Currently, there are three well-known websites for finding string bracelet patterns:

  • Knot
  • Friendship

While most of us may like, some of their string bracelet patterns there are more designed for children or novices who are just starting to make these bracelets. If you want to make bracelets that can be worn by women of all ages, you will probably prefer making bracelets form Knot or Friendship

Friendship Bracelets: Fun Advanced Patterns

If you want to make serious friendship bracelets, both of these sites have the most advanced and beautiful string bracelet patterns.  All of these patterns were made by adult jewelers, who are interested in creating authentic friendship bracelets that will be loved by children and adults alike.  Since both of these sites are constantly being updated, you never know what types of patterns you will find on these fun friendship bracelet sites.  One thing is for sure, however, you will be busy for days with all the fun string bracelet patterns that you can find on both of these sites.

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