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watch faces for beading

We all love bracelets, but have you ever considered incorporating watch faces for beading projects?   Nearly all of us wear a watch throughout the day, but we rarely think about using watch heads when we make our own beaded bracelets.  Even though many of us may not consider making these, we have noticed that major jewelry stores are selling these watch bracelets.  If you have ever thought these fun watches were beautiful, just think how much better they will look using your own patterns or jewelry making designs.

Using Watch Faces for Jewelry Making

Once many of us have seen a watch bracelet, we can’t help but be intrigued by the pure beauty of this jewelry.  While we may love everything we make, we can rarely call it practical.   Not only do these watch heads open up a new market for us jewelry makers, but open up a whole new world of creativity that allows us to embrace a whole new style.  Nearly anyone can make a fashion statement at work or a party with these practical and elegant bracelets.

Along with being beautiful, using watch faces for jewelry making in your bracelets makes your bracelets even more desirable, since they are much cheaper than designer watches.  As well, beads are typically more durable than plastic watch bands, allowing people to enjoy these elegant bracelets without having to worry about constantly replacing their bands.   When you make your own bracelets, you also have the fun of being able to design your watch to look however you like, even possibly using string watch faces in friendship bracelets.

Using Watch Heads in Jewelry Design

Really, the only thing stopping you when it comes to using these fun watches in jewelry making is your own creativity.   Looking on the internet, you can find a variety of different projects, including friendship bracelets or other string bracelets that use string watch faces.   You can use these fun watch heads to make:

  • Watch Bracelets
  • Beaded Key Chain Watch
  • Beaded Watch Necklaces
  • Beaded Wall Clocks

Since you can find these watches in just about any size, it is not too surprising that everyone is getting very creative!  Our personal favorite way of using these watch faces for beading is incorporating them into multi string beading projects, allowing you to make elaborate designs, especially with seed beads.

Watch Faces for Beading: A New Craze

If you are someone who sells jewelry as a business, don’t be surprised if you see your competition selling quite a few of these watch bracelets.   These bracelets are becoming extremely popular with high school girls and those who live a busy college lifestyle. Since these watch bracelets are friendly on a budget, people can easily buy or make these fun watch bracelets to go with nearly any outfit, giving them more freedom.   With a bit of time, these fun bracelets can easily be a new staple for your business.

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